Subway is a $$Hoagie restaurant located in Matagalpa. Address of Subway is W3FJ+H34, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Website of Subway is Subway can be contacted at +505 2772 5737. Subway has quite many listed places around it and we are covering at least 121 places around it on Subway is rated 4.5 (out of 5 stars) by 444 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around Subway are -

G-Techsupport | Servicios Informaticos (Computer support and services) Iglesia Molagüina, Frente Costado Norte, Matagalpa 61000, Nicaragua (approx. 366 meters)
Cecosemac (Grocery store) Hotel Bermudez media al este, Nicaragua (approx. 444 meters)
Exclusividades Llevátelo (Clothing store) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 350 meters)
Tienda Irma (Clothing store) Av José Dolores Estrada, Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 388 meters)
Casa de la Novia (Wedding store) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 204 meters)
Óptica Visual (Optician) Del supermercado la colonia 40 VRS al norte, Nicaragua (approx. 371 meters)
SINSA Matagalpa (Hardware store) Iglesia La Recolección 1 cuadra hacia el Norte, Nicaragua (approx. 342 meters)
Comfort Fit. Ropa Interior y Deportiva (Clothing store) De la Alcaldia municipal, 1/2 c. al norte, Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 318 meters)
Super Estrella (Supermarket) Costado Oeste Parque Dario, Av José Dolores Estrada, Matagalpa 61000, Nicaragua (approx. 345 meters)
Joyería La Providencia (Jeweler) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 299 meters)

Within less than half a Kilo meter of Subway, you can also find RUNWAY, Western Union, Seleccion Nicaraguense, Librería FEMARS, Globex Matagalpa, La Curacao, CellMat, AVON MATAGALPA, Payless Shoes, Subway, American Moda, Wapo's Store, Andy's Store, Tienda Rio, PIE ELEGANTE, Almacenes Tropigas, BestComputer Matagalpa, Yara's Store, NK Collection, Bahia Calçados and many more.

Distance From Major Landmarks

Distance between Subway and MAXIPALÍ is approx 2 kilometers.
Distance between Subway and MAXIPALÍ is approx 3 kilometers.
Distance between Subway and El Taquero is approx 427 meters.
Distance between Subway and Restaurante La Pradera is approx 977 meters.





W3FJ+H34, Matagalpa, Nicaragua



What is the contact Number of Subway?

Contact number of Subway is +505 2772 5737.

Does Subway have website?

Yes, website of Subway is

What is rating of Subway?

Rating of Subway is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of Subway?

Address of Subway is W3FJ+H34, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Where is the Subway located?

Subway is located in Matagalpa.

What is the Subway?

Subway is a $$Hoagie restaurant in Nicaragua

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