MAXIPALÍ is a Supermarket located in Matagalpa. It is one of the 519 supermarkets in Nicaragua. Address of MAXIPALÍ is NIC-5, Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Website of MAXIPALÍ is MAXIPALÍ can be contacted at 50527728827. MAXIPALÍ is rated 4 (out of 5 stars) by 1123 reviewers on the web.

Some of the places around MAXIPALÍ are -

SOS Children's Village Matagalpa (Orphanage) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 232 meters)
BENEFICIO TOTOLATE (Corporate office) NIC-5, Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 192 meters)
Moto Repuestos Krilin (Corporate office) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 325 meters)
AMUPNOR (Office) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 179 meters)
MAXIPALÍ (Supermarket) NIC-5, Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 100 meters)
Oficina Nacel Mat (Corporate office) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 196 meters)
Casa Milvia (Corporate office) Barrio Totolate Arriba, de la bomba de agua 2 cuadras al sur y 1/2 al oeste, Nicaragua (approx. 183 meters)
UPONIC (Private university) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 322 meters)
Ferreteria San Miguel (Hardware store) NIC-5, Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 255 meters)
Taller Pintura Automotriz Carlos Chang (Corporate office) Matagalpa, Nicaragua (approx. 138 meters)

Within less than half a Kilo meter of MAXIPALÍ, you can also find Pontis Inc. Matagalpa, IPSA Sanidad Animal, Maria's Homestay, Hotel Vista de la Cruz, Little Rock Eco-Lodge, Ferromax Matagalpa, AGENCIA MATAGALPA OLAM NICARAGUA S.A. and many more.

Distance From Major Landmarks

Distance between MAXIPALÍ and MAXIPALÍ is approx 1 kilometer.
Distance between MAXIPALÍ and El Taquero is approx 3 kilometers.
Distance between MAXIPALÍ and Restaurante La Pradera is approx 3 kilometers.
Distance between MAXIPALÍ and Subway is approx 3 kilometers.





NIC-5, Matagalpa, Nicaragua



What is the contact Number of MAXIPALÍ?

Contact number of MAXIPALÍ is 50527728827.

Does MAXIPALÍ have website?

Yes, website of MAXIPALÍ is

What is rating of MAXIPALÍ?

Rating of MAXIPALÍ is 4 out of 5 stars.

What is the address of MAXIPALÍ?

Address of MAXIPALÍ is NIC-5, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

Where is the MAXIPALÍ located?

MAXIPALÍ is located in Matagalpa.

What is the MAXIPALÍ?

MAXIPALÍ is a Supermarket in Nicaragua

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